Land mine warning at Mes Aynak, Logar Province, Afghanistan


I am an assistant/VFX editor, and an occasional editor of documentaries and short subjects. But what I really want to do is cut horror movies.

My 18-year career in feature films started in Montreal assisting on Quebecois independent productions. Soon I was syncing 35mm film dailies on David Mamet’s Heist.  Since then my work on over 30 films has taken me all over the world including Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Kabul, Budapest, Adelaide, and Toronto. Now back in Montreal, I freelance on visiting Hollywood productions and independent documentaries.

Please click through the thumbnails on the homepage for detailed descriptions of my past film credits. I also invite you to visit my IMDb page, and my Vimeo account.



Laugh at a bad reputation. Fear a good one that you could not sustain.

(Robert Bresson, from Notes on the Cinematograph)