VFX Editor

Scott Gray ASE

 Lotus Entertainment – Limited Release

Scott Hicks’s Fallen was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects of my career.  And honestly, it is difficult to describe the tremendous privilege of working closely with Mr. Hicks and editor Scott Gray as they developed the cut and evaluated incoming VFX shots. It was a singular experience not easily topped.

Fallen was shot in Budapest and our editing rooms were set up at the beautiful offices at Colorfront. Cinematographer Alar Kivilo and colourist Anna Salter produced the best dailies I have ever seen. I still deeply regret loss of film negative in the vast majority of feature productions, but if everything shot today on digital cameras looked as good as what came out of Anna’s room I could change my mind.

The director’s cut was completed in Adelaide, South Australia, and our cutting rooms were set up at the fantastically polyvalent Kojo Productions. North American facilities could learn something from these guys; no request went unmet, and expectations were surpassed every time.