Apprentice Editor

Barbara Tulliver

Jeff Werner ACE

Art Linson Productions – Wide Release

Heist was my first Hollywood film project, and a real eye-opener. Because the producers didn’t trust the Montreal film lab, everything had to be sent to Toronto to be processed overnight. The film print and mag was then sent to our cutting room each morning and the film assistant and myself would build and sync the dailies rolls to be screened by director David Mamet and crew each night after wrap. Our dailies rolls were then sent to telecine to be transferred to Beta SP tapes for the 1st assistant to digitize for the editor the next morning. It was a tough old-school show, but immensely rewarding.

Now that the industry has embraced digital workflows, I am so thankful to have started out working on 35mm print – an amazing tactile, temporal experience. It was also a tremendous honour to work with Mamet’s long-time editor, Barbara Tulliver, and her then 1st assistant, and now an excellent editor in his own right, Jeff Werner, A.C.E.